Ball Fireman Racer 40mm

The “Fireman” collection brings together robust timepieces with simple design that embodies the railroad practicality in contemporary watchmaking. Equal parts ruggedness and sophistication, durability and precision. The broad collection features high practicality and functionality inherited from the railroads. The most elaborate models feature a telemeter, tachymeter and chronograph for today’s demanding jobs and adventures. Other models opt for simplicity, representing an intelligent evolution of railroad timepieces. The Fireman range is named after the hardest working but least paid member of the steam train workforce. The watches crafted by Ball Watch mirror this. These workers were incredible value for their money and so are the watches.

The Fireman Racer is that rare watch which introduces the brand to an audience that cannot afford the Hydrocarbons, Trainmaster and Engineers, etc, and also introduces them to the quality of fit and finish and high levels of detailing that are consistent throughout the rest of the catalogue.

One of the standout features of Ball watches is their use of tritium gas tubes, which provide a constant and reliable source of illumination in low light conditions. This technology was first used by Ball watches in the late 1800s and continues to be a defining feature of the brand today.

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Watches by Ball

Ball watches have a fascinating history intertwined with the American railroad. In the late 1800s, train accidents were an all too common occurrence due to inconsistent timekeeping across different railroads. This led to Webb C. Ball, a Cleveland jeweler and watchmaker, being appointed as the Chief Time Inspector for the railroad industry.
Ball was tasked with establishing strict timekeeping standards across all railroads to ensure the safety of passengers and employees. He introduced a set of guidelines known as "The Ball Standard" which included the use of highly accurate and reliable watches. The Ball Standard required watches to be accurate to within 30 seconds per week and have a second hand, a requirement that was not common at the time.
Ball collaborated with various watch companies to produce timepieces that met his standards, including Hamilton Watch Company and Waltham Watch Company. These watches became known as "Ball Watches" and were highly sought after by railroad personnel and collectors alike. The watches were also used by other industries that required precise timekeeping, such as aviation and military.
Today, Ball Watch Company continues to produce high-quality timepieces that pay homage to their rich history with the American railroad. The company's watches are still known for their accuracy and reliability, making them a popular choice for those who require precise timekeeping in their professions or hobbies.
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Watches by Ball
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