Philip Stein  

Have you slept with Philip Stein?

Studies have shown that when wearing Philip Stein Watches , consumers have reported better sleep, less stress, clearer focus and better concentration.

The Discovery
In 1952 German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann proposed the existence of natural electromagnetic waves surrounding our planet. Eight years later, in Germany biologist Ruetger Wever used a variety of experiments to show that these Schumann Resonances can positively influence health, performance and overall wellbeing of humans. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that these Schumann frequencies were detected from a balloon by a Japanese research team.

The Technology

Philip Stein currently offers two technologies in its best-selling timepieces; Electromagnetic Frequency technology utilizing electromagnetic fields, introduced in 2003, and Natural Frequency Technology, introduced in 2008. Both technologies work within the same beneficial key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which encompasses the chief resonant frequency of the natural earth and is a frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life.

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