Every piece shows exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials such as sterling silver or 18 karat gold, inset with the choicest larimar stones available.

There is no better way to express a woman’s unique individualism than wearing a beautiful stone mined in only one place in the world, the Dominican Republic.

Mildred Ogando, founder of Laura Bonetti Jewelry, lives and works today in the Dominican Republic, the country of her birth. This location puts her at the center of larimar mining operation and enables her to cultivate a strong relationship with her nation’s larimar miners. She founded the company Larimar Wholesalers LLC, twelve years ago, with the mission of offering finished larimar gemstones to the jewelry industry worldwide.

Larimar stones range from a pale whitish-blue to the deep, dazzling shade called Volcanic Blue. Deeper tones are the hallmark of higher quality larimar. The most prized stones exhibit a deep but vibrant hue. Our jewelry avoids use of the low quality pale blue or green stones, which are inferior even if they are free of imperfections.

Our Larimar stones are free of flaws such as discolorations, inclusions, cracks, or splits, ensuring that you can wear the most superb and attractive larimar jewelry.

Every Laura Bonetti piece comes with an authenticity card, an assurance that your larimar stone is 100% natural, not enhanced or treated in any way and that was made with authentic larimar top quality stones mined in the Dominican Republic.

Whether you are looking for strength and boldness, or ethereal delicacy, there exists a Laura Bonetti creation that speaks to that personal style.

Available in Jamaica exclusively at Jewels & Time.

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