Hummingbird Watch

The Hummingbird Watch is our way of supporting Jamaica’s efforts to fight Cancer. As a long time supporter of the Jamaican Cancer Society, Jewels & Time came up with the idea to create and sell a piece of wearable jewelry that would contribute part of its proceeds to this worthy cause. A colorful vibrant watch designed with a Hummingbird (National Bird of Jamaica) and Hibiscus flowers on a gold and green background (colors of the Jamaican Flag). The tail of the Hummingbird ends in a folded lavender colored ribbon symbolizing “General Cancer Awareness”. 

Our partner in this venture is Philip Stein, the maker of Fruitz Watches. Their watches have a very unique feature – they are infused with the Natural Frequency Technology helping the wearer to feel more relaxed, sleep better and have increased concentration. These watches deliver natural frequencies to your body via a disk embedded in the back of each watch.

You can contribute to spread awareness and help the fight against Cancer as a major health problem in Jamaica by wearing a Fruitz Hummingbird Watch. The price is US$225, for every watch purchased Jewels & Time and Fruitz Watches will donate US$30 to the Jamaica Cancer Society on your behalf.

Our Fruitz Hummingbird watch will not only make you look good, but also feel good and do good!


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