Ernst Benz Watches

Ernst Benz Watches – Precision Instruments for Time Keeping

As an aviator and inventor, Ernst Benz was distinctly aware of the need for accurate and instantly legible instruments whilst airborne. He came to develop an innovative aircraft instrument chronograph based on World War II aviator military models. This design, the Benz Micro Aircraft Chronograph, became standard equipment for many single-engine planes, military trainers, jets and sailplanes, first in Europe and then throughout the world.

Designed and manufactured in the traditional Swiss manner, these watches are renowned for their accuracy, durability and legibility.

Surpassing quality standards typical of equipment designed for professional aviators, they are in demand by mechanical watch aficionados around the world.

Ernst Benz exemplifies their slogan, ‘Precision Instruments For Timekeeping’ continuing to develop and manufacture timepieces made in the time-honored tradition of aviation timekeepers and the fine art of watchmaking.



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