In keeping with its history of horological innovation, Alpina now introduces a series of horological smart watches. The AlpinerX, Seastrong Smart and Comtesse Ladies Smart watches. These watches connect with both iOS and Android devices.

The AlpinerX is the ultimate outdoor connected watch. Powered by quintuple sensors, it measures the UV index, the temperature, the altitude, the pressure and direction. An ideal fusion between a classical Alpina sports design and connected technology, the watch offers a wide panel of features while being a beautiful horological piece to wear.

The functions of the AlpinerX are split into 3 categories; Environment, Body, Time & Notification. The first will include nature-related tools such as an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a UV index indicator, temperature measurement and a connected GPS.

The second is related to the user’s well-being and will collect activity and sleep data, offer dynamic coaching based on results and smart alarms.

And finally, the Time & Notification segment will bring countless time recording options, notifications, a worldtimer, data saving to a Cloud and a 2-year battery life.

For the Seastrong and Comtesse series the philosophy remains the same: make a hybrid that looks like a normal watch and discreetly smuggle in the smarts so no one will notice. That’s exactly what you get.

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